Short Biography

I graduated from Aarhus University in 2009 with a M.Sc. in Economics and Business. After graduation, I joined the Ph.D.-program to write a thesis that would eventually be titled “Papers in purchasing and supply management: A capability-based perspective”. The thesis was published and defended in November 2014 and I was awarded the Ph.D.-degree. All of the research that I did for my thesis has been published in peer-reviewed journals and one edited book.

I work as a Business Intelligence consultant. I’m working with the Microsoft BI stack (primarily SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) – the technical stuff is pretty cool, but it’s the massive amounts of data that really excites me. A less technical way of getting acquainted with some of the stuff I do, is by downloading Power BI – it’s a self-service BI tool and even though it doesn’t do all the things that a datawarehouse does, it still gives a pretty decent insight into the disciplines I work with: everything from ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) to Visualization.

I’ve completed a number of online courses covering the Data Science discipline and hope to take my future work-life down a path where I get to be even more geeky about data than doing traditional BI work. I’ve completed a few hobby projects which can be viewed here on the site (under R projects) and all source code is available on github.

In enjoy being creative. I like to take photos, knit and sew. I am interested in any and everything that has to do with textiles with a fair level of geekery about natural fibers.

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