Data Analytics Infrastructure

I teach the course Data Analytics Infrastructure (click link for course description) at VIA University College in Horsens. The class is 12 sessions of introduction to Data Warehousing covering everything from dimensional modelling and ETL to visual analytics, cognitive bias and advanced modelling concepts (e.g. bridge tables) in Data Warehousing.

In my spare time, I am working on creating a course that is open access that presents some of the same materials that I use in class. For this purpose, I use Googles claat tool (CodeLabs As A Thing) and host the codelabs on this site.

If you are a student at VIA, you should follow the course in the format it is delivered to you through our Learning Management System (at the time of writing this, It’s learning) in order to make sure you pass all the required assignments. You are of course welcome to walk through the codelabs below as well. You will notice that there is an overlap (mostly in the videos), but that the assignments differ from the format that is delivered to you through VIA.


Recap of Basic Database Concepts

This codelab allows you to recap basic database concepts. If you are taking my class at VIA in Horsens, this may be a good way for you to recap the very basics of DBS if it somehow got lost in memory :)

If you are taking my open access course to Data Warehousing (the other codelabs listed here), this short codelab may be a good introduction to some of the concepts that I require you to have a basic understanding of.

Introduction to Data Warehousing

In this codelab we get started on building a dimensional model for a fictive client. At the end of the session, you will have your stage tables ready to receive data.

ETL Design and Data Quality – Work In Progress

Future codelabs

Visualizing data for actionable insights

Slowly changing dimensions and incremental load of facts

If you want to support my efforts to create an Open Access course on building Data Warehouses using Kimball methodology, please get in contact. You can find me on LinkedIn.