PhD / Research

The three papers from my Ph.D. project are published international, peer-reviewed journals.

Purchasing and Innovation: A Capability-Based Analysis” is published in International Journal of Procurement Management, 2015, Vol 8 No 4

The impact of purchasing capabilities on delivery performance” is published in Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 2015, Vol 6 No 1

Building risk management capability“, chapter published in Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business: Best Papers from the 2013 Annual Conference, Springer.

You can also download my entire thesis here.

Since completing my ph.d.- I have published the following peer reviewed works:

Redesigning Course Curriculum for Quarantine Conditions in ETALEE 2021 conference proceedings.

I am currently affiliated with the LIT (Læring og IT) research program at VIA.

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  1. Alfred Guiffrida

    Hello, I do not have access to the Supply Chain Forum. Could you kindly email an electronic copy of your recent paper on purchasing capacities and delivery performance, thank you,

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